101 Licks – Licks 1-4 (Rock)

Geekyguitarist is moving house yet still looks after his subscribers! I haven’t been able to record anything for a while and I’ve been pretty busy, so I’m putting out some videos with animated tab instead as it’s a little quicker for turnaround. I hope that the animated fretboard is useful and the slow audio helps.

This week we’re starting a massive extravaganza of licks! I’m not sure if I’ll put all 101 licks out consecutively week after week, but my aim is to have all 101 licks out by the end of next year. Just imagine how much you’ll learn if you keep up with all 101! You shouldn’t feel discouraged if you can’t play them up to tempo, as even playing them slowly will work wonders for your technical ability and fretboard knowledge.

Here’s a short explanation of this week’s licks:

Lick 1: Chuck Berry/Angus Young Style

This is one of those ‘must know’ rock licks. It’s easy and sounds great if you give some real good rock and roll altitude. Everyone from Chuck Berry to Slash, and Angus Young to Paul Gilbert have all played this line in their own ways. Use all downstrokes and lots of energy!

Lick 2: Jimmy Page/Jeff Beck Style

This is another classic lick that has been used many times. It’s a big ‘statement’ lick that can create a climax to your solo. Jimmy Page put it in the Stairway To Heaven solo. You can decide whether you want all the notes ringing out (using a ‘mini barre’) or not (rolling the first finger from the first to the second strings).

Lick 3: Jimmy Page/Slash Style

Some licks can be found in the playing of dozens of guitarists because they sit under the fingers so well. Here’s another ‘repertoire’ lick you can’t live without. It has been played countless times and very often in association with a wah pedal (e.g. Kirk Hammett).

Lick 4: Jimmy Page/Slash Style

This is a variation of Lick 3. Slash used it in Sweet Child O’ Mine with a wah-wah pedal. If you’re struggling to get the fast triplet up to speed you can easily play a pull-off on the second string (between the 11th and the 8th frets). That should make it easier.

Below the YouTube video you’ll find the tablature, and please feel free to ask questions or just share your thoughts in the comments.

Watch the video:

Read the tab:

101 Licks - Lick 1-4 (Rock)

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