101 Licks – Licks 21-24 (Metal)

Here’s a quick break down for each of this week’s licks:

Lick 21: Ascending Legato Run

This lick starts off with sixteenth note phrasing on a three-notes-per-string A Aeolian Mode before switching over to a sequence as you ascend up the first string. Play this example using the neck pickup and switch over to the bridge pickup on the final note for maximum impact.

Lick 22: B Minor Triad Lick

This is similar to Randy Rhoads’ Neo-Classical style. It’s basically just a B Minor Triad, where you play the chord tone and then pull-off a semitone below and hammer-on back up to the chord tone. Do this with each chord tone and end it with a bend using rock vibrato. You can play this lick with major triads as well.

Lick 23: Modern Rock String Skipped Tapping Lick

This lick uses an E minor arpeggio and involves string skipping and sliding a tapped note. Use the neck pickup and switch back to the bridge pickup just before you execute the tapped harmonic so that it rings out clearer. Don’t forget to keep the D note fretted at the 5th fret when you tap!

Lick 24: Septuplets

Here we’re using the A Dorian Mode and is great to get your head around the ‘seven notes per beat’ sound. Use legato phrasing and you can lighten up on the picked notes a bit to get a more consistent and fluent sound. To achieve the tapped harmonics tap 12, 7 and 5 frets above the sustained 7th fret note.

Below the YouTube video you’ll find the tablature, and please feel free to ask questions or just share your thoughts in the comments.

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101 Licks - Lick 21-24 (Metal)

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