101 Licks – Licks 25-28 (Metal)

Here’s a quick break down for each of this week’s licks:

Lick 25: Alternate Picked Sextuplets

Still in A Dorian but using sextuplets and alternate picking. The pattern repeats on three string sets and ends of with a sweep picked arpeggio and a unison bend.

Lick 26: Neo-Classical Sweep-Picked Arpeggios

If you’re new to sweep picking this lick is great to help you get used to the motion as it focuses on the first four strings so the arpeggio fragments are easier to play than the full six-string arpeggios. Aim to see the descending arpeggios as one big up stroke as opposed to three consecutive up strokes.

Lick 27: Ascending Phrygian Dominant Lick

This Yngwie Malmsteen/Tony Macalpine lick ascends using the E Phrygian dominant mode along with an open E pedal tone. Players like MacAlpine extend their sweep picked arpeggios with a higher tapped note. Note the blend between the Phrygian Dominant and Natural Minor/Aeolian Mode.

Lick 28: John Petrucci Style

Dream Theater uses odd time signatures in their music a lot, and John Petrucci seems to have an endless array of ‘odd’ patterns to play over those sections. This is a basic sextuplet idea that is varied slightly to give you an ‘over the bar line’ feel. Try this lick with strict alternate picking too.

Below the YouTube video you’ll find the tablature, and please feel free to ask questions or just share your thoughts in the comments.

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101 Licks - Lick 25-28 (Metal)

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