101 Licks – Licks 29-32 (Metal)

Here’s a quick break down for each of this week’s licks:

Lick 29: Black Sabbath Style

Black Sabbath is probably the one band that most metal players will state as an influence. This lick is an example of how Tony Iommi sometimes starts off his solos, but Tony will often revisit the motifs he sets up at the beginning throughout his solo. This is a great point to remember for your own solos.

Lick 30: Black Sabbath Style 2

A lot of Iommi’s licks were just basic blues based ideas but played with a metal sensibility – even though you can often hear traces of Jimmy Page and Hendrix. The key is in the delivery and vibrato. If you’re new to metal soloing start off by playing blues licks using a more aggressive approach, like Iommi.

Lick 31: Van Halen Style Tapping

This example uses Van Halen style tapping and it outlines the following progression – Em, Am7, B7, C diminished. There are a number of ways in which you can group the notes so experiment and see how many variations you can come up with.

Lick 32: Drop D Pedal Tone Riff

This example is based on Mark Tremonti’s riff style playing in Alter Bridge. It uses the D Aeolian scale with a descending rhythmic pattern that’s played against an open D pedal tone. Note the addition of the flat 5 for that infamous metal sound. You could also substitute the single note playing with power chords that are easily played with one finger due to the drop D tuning.

Below the YouTube video you’ll find the tablature, and please feel free to ask questions or just share your thoughts in the comments.

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101 Licks - Lick 29-32 (Metal)

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