101 Licks – Licks 45-48 (Blues)

Here’s a quick breakdown for each of lick:

Lick 45: Robben Ford Style 1

This Robben Ford style progression is basically a turnaround using extended jazz type chords. Take time to memorise the fingerings then try on your next blues jam and watch jaws drop!

Lick 46: Robben Ford Style 2

Robben often manages to play over strange, dissonant chords like these using pentatonic type shapes, as featured here. At other times he’ll stick in the b5 for added blues effect. This keeps us in blues territory, with a couple of nods to the jazz side, particularly the final G#.

Lick 47: Boogie Woogie Lick

This boogie-woogie style accompaniment is reminiscent of some of Gary Moore’s blues material. Use light palm-muting throughout to stop excess ringing and add a little chunkiness and clarity. This is where some of Gary’s great rock sensibility sneaks through into his blues work.

Lick 48: Quarter Tone Bend Lick

Blues is all about degrees of subtlety, and no more so than with string bends. This idea is arguably more about the delivery than the technical content, but be sure to pitch accurately on those bends and don’t miss the quarter-tone bend in bar 2.

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101 Licks - Licks 45-48 (Blues)

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