101 Licks – Licks 49-52 (Blues)

Here’s a quick breakdown for each of lick:

Lick 49: John Lee Hooker Style

This is fairly difficult, as it takes a degree of time and practice to develop the right feel for this unaccompanied John Lee Hooker style chord vamp. Check the tab and take your time, using a light palm mute on the low notes.

Lick 50: Bouncy Feel

Again, the ‘bouncy’ feel takes a while to get right, but the feel is more important than slavishly following the tab. If things sound a little rough, this might even be the effect you want! Sounds like this matured into the more sophisticated Texas shuffle so beloved of SRV.

Lick 51: David Gilmour Style

From the David Gilmour school of Minor Blues, this Pentatonic phrase is simple to play, but the legendary Gilmour feel can be a little more elusive. Nailing details like the staccato notes and quarter-tone bends helps a great deal. Again, don’t just follow the notes – concentrate on your touch here.

Lick 52: David Gilmour Style 2

This is double-tracked for a subtle chorus effect on the CD. The approach is similar to Lick 51, but using more gain, a harder picking attack and the bridge pickup. Keep the timing and delivery nice and neat, so don’t rush and remember to leave the spaces – don’t be tempted to fill them!

Watch the video:

Read the tab:

101 Licks - Licks 49-52 (Blues)

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