101 Licks – Licks 57-61 (Blues)

Here’s a quick breakdown for each of lick:

Lick 57: Freddie King Style 1

This Freddie King style phrase is quite simple, but the wide bends and occasionally staccato delivery require a great deal of commitment in their delivery. It’s slightly dissonant over the G major chord in the background, but that’s deliberate!

Lick 58: Freddie King Style 2

A slightly busier alternate take on the previous lick with a more legato feel, this example changes position for the second two bars. Again, be sure to pitch the wide bends correctly and remember, as so often is the case with blues, it’s all in the delivery!

Lick 59: Robert Johnson Style

This Robert Johnson style idea is played fingerstyle, palm muting the bass notes for a more percussive effect. The bass steps into a different groove for a moment in bar 4, so beware! Otherwise, it’s a case of taking your time until it falls into place.

Lick 60: ‘Flick’ Lick

Using the picking hand thumb for the bass notes and the first finger to ‘flick’ the chords with up and downstrokes, we see the unusual harmony produced when combining a chromatic descending run with a major chord. It’s tricky at first, but the old adage of ‘practice makes perfect’ definitely applies here.

Lick 61: Sixths Style Lick

Sixths sound great going down as well as up. Notice how we join up the two minor sixths chromatically, so we get the same shape played on three consecutive frets. Sliding the sixths rather than picking each note every time makes it seem much slicker too.

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101 Licks - Licks 57-61 (Blues)

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