101 Licks – Licks 62-65 (Jazz)

Here’s a quick breakdown for each of lick:

Lick 62: Jazz Blues Lick

This starts bluesily with the sweet major 6th and the deep sound of the thumb instead of the pick. In bar 4 the #5 interval in Bb (F#) adds tension, resolved on the following Eb7 chord. Mind also the three repeats of the opening statement at the beginning, making the forthcoming alteration (#5) sound unexpected.

Lick 63: Pat Martino Style

Pat Martino is an unusual but eminently musical jazz guitarist. The Dorian mode plus some chromatic notes are the key ingredients in this F minor vamp. Make sure it swings properly. Don’t rush things – stay laid back and tap the foot on the second and fourth beats.

Lick 64: Jazz Turnaround

Improvising over turnarounds can be a challenge. The solution often is to get rid of the first and third chords (Bb and Cm7), and extend the two remaining ones (G7 and F7). Here it’s G Superlocrian on the first bar and F Superlocrian on the second for maximum tension – the effect is quite ‘outside/inside’.

Lick 65: ‘In’ and ‘Out’ Lick

Here’s a common trick to use over a II V I progression. Whatever sounds ‘in’ over the subdominant will sound beautifully ‘out’ when thrown up a minor third over the dominant. In this case the Am9 arpeggio (bar 1) is followed by the Cm9 arpeggio (bar 2) against the D7 chord.

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101 Licks - Licks 62-65 (Jazz)

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