101 Licks – Licks 9-12 (Rock)

Here’s a quick break down for each of this week’s licks:

Lick 9: Slash Style

Slash is a fantastic guitarist and you can tell that his vocabulary comes from from the classic Blues-Rock tradition. Here’s his take on a Chuck Berry style lick with a Dorian/Pentatonic ending. Add a Marhsall JCM800 a Les Paul and lots of attitude and you’re all but there!

Lick 10: Angus Young Style

Angus is another fantastic guitarist and has stated many times his love of classic Rock and Rollers like Chuck Berry, as well as the ’60s Blues style of Clapton. When you play at the 11th fret make sure you also put down the 10th fret on the third string ready to play the pre-bend for the next note.

Lick 11: Ritchie Blackmore Style

Ritchie Blackmore ploughed his own furrow when it came to creating great Rock solos, often mixing strict Classical ideas with Blues licks gleaned from Clapton and Hendrix. This is a very typical Blackmore style lick. Note the grace note on beat 3 of the third bar.

Lick 12: Mark Knopfler Style

This lick is played with just first finger (i) and thumb (p) of the picking hand. Mark Knopfler played this type of lick everywhere on the first few Dire Straits records. The lick is actually a by-product of Mark’s picking style, as it puts the strings nicely under the picking fingers. An awesome lick! See the p and i letters beside the notes to know whether to use the thumb or first finger.

Below the YouTube video you’ll find the tablature, and please feel free to ask questions or just share your thoughts in the comments.

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101 Licks - Lick 9-12 (Rock)

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