Dire Straits Tunnel of Love First Solo

I’ve come to appreciate Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler more and more over the years. They’ve given me the feels with their beautiful, haunting tunes, and done some really great roots rock. This week we’re looking at the first solo of Tunnel of Love – one of Mark Knopfler’s more upbeat solos from the Making Movies album.

This one has a decidedly country twang to it, with a generous smattering of double stops. The 16th-note run is a little tricky at 140 BPM, but it’s pure Knopfler and works well with his finger-picking style. Speaking of which, to get a genuine Mark Knopfler-esque sound, you should only use your fingers, not a pick. This can be tricky if you’re not used to it, but it’s an essential skill because it can transform the sound, mood, and tone of your solos. Jeff Beck is also known to use only fingers for his solos, so Mark’s in good company!

The solo is in the key of F, with a switch to the relative D Minor in bar 10. Mark uses the Major Scale (AKA Ionian Mode), sometimes restricting himself to notes from the Major Pentatonic.

As always, below the YouTube video you’ll find the backing track to play along with, and below that, the tablature. Aren’t I nice?!

Feel free to ask questions or just share your thoughts in the comments!

Watch the video:

Play along with the backing track:

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Dire Straits Tunnel of Love First Solo

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