Eric Clapton Cream Style Solo

This is an example of Clapton’s rock soloing at its best, based on his various solos in the song White Room but in the key of A minor, as opposed to the D minor key of that song. The backing chords are harmonically interesting as far as rock songs go; there’s a Cadd9 (think of it as adding the 2nd note of the C major scale, but an octave higher), and a D/F# (D major with a F# bass note), giving a Dorian Mode flavour to the song due to F# being the minor 6th interval of the A minor scale. The solo is a real Clapton masterclass in keeping the listener’s ears piqued despite only using the humble A minor Pentatonic scale. By using occasional flurries of semiquavers (aka 16th notes), and a few staccato notes here and there (look for the notes with the dotes above them), we get an interesting trippy rhythmic flow – quite appropriate for the psychedelia obsession of the time!

As always, below the YouTube video you’ll find the backing track to play along with, and below that, the tablature. Aren’t I nice?!

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Watch the video:

Play along with the backing track:

Read the tab:

Eric Clapton Cream Style Solo

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