Flamenco – Soleares Por Arriba

Here’s something completely different to what I usually do! This week we have no backing track, and we’re looking at a short Flamenco piece. In case you didn’t realise already, I am not a Flamenco or even an Acoustic guitarist, however, I have great respect for both so I wanted to share this with you all and hopefully it will help you become a more rounded guitarist.

While this piece is based in the key of A Minor, the dominant chord of E Major provides an important harmonic role. I’ve mainly using the A Natural Minor Scale as a basis for the improvisation, but I occasionally include a G# note from the E Major chord, which gives the same effect as using the A Harmonic Minor Scale.

Here’s some points of interest:

Bars 1-3

Allow the fretted E notes (string B, fret 5) to over-ring against the open E string to create a tremelo effect.

Bar 4

This contains rasgueados – strum the strings by releasing three fingers in quick succession, so they rapidly roll across the strings one after another.

Bar 6

This bar features a golpe, a percussive effect achieved by striking the body of the guitar with the finger.

Bars 9-15

Flamenco pieces often require a strong attack with the thumb to bring out melody in the bass.

Bars 25-27

Lyrical scale runs are also a common feature of the style. The use of slurs facilitates playing such runs at speed.

Below the YouTube video you’ll find the tablature. Enjoy!

Feel free to ask questions or just share your thoughts in the comments!

Watch the video:

No backing track this week!

Read the tab:

Flamenco - Soleares Por Arriba

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