Kenny Burrell Style Solo

Kenny is a very accessible Jazz player, emphasising strong grooves and simple melodies. His style is heavily influenced by the Blues, and many of his tunes are Blues-based. He often blends very simple Blues phrases with Bebop-influenced lines that follow the underlying chords.

So whats going on with the solo? The chord progression is more or less a 12-bar blues. Let’s look closer:

Bars 1-3

The solo starts with a typical bluesy figure which is developed in each bar (based on the Blues Scale unsurprisingly!).

Bars 4 and 5

Now we’ve moved to the IV chord and this example outlines the basic dominant 7th chord with the added 13th (G).

Bars 6 and 7

Here we’re moving from the I chord to the VI chord. Over the F7 we use Chromatic notes between the chord tones. Don’t be afraid to experiment freely with this approach. Just make sure that you hit chord tones on the beat more often than not. Over the D7 we outline a 7b9 chord.

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As always, below the YouTube video you’ll find the backing track to play along with, and below that, the tablature. Aren’t I nice?!

Feel free to ask questions or just share your thoughts in the comments!

Watch the video:

Play along with the backing track:

Read the tab:

Kenny Burrell Style Solo

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