Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple) Style Solo

Ritchie is an awesome Rock guitarist, so you should find this piece challenging but rewarding!

The solo starts with some bluesy licks based around the G Minor Pentatonic, followed by some G Aeolian Mode lines. The phrasing is vital here, so look out for the staccato marks in the notation. The C Minor Pentatonic and C Aeolian Mode are used over the C5 chord. The final part uses some simple arpeggios performed on the top two strings. These are diatonic to the Bb Major Harmonised Scale, with the exception of the Diminished Seventh arpeggios played over the A/C#, which originate from the A Phrygian Dominant Mode (the fifth mode of the A Harmonic Minor Scale).

As always, below the YouTube video you’ll find the backing track to play along with, and below that, the tablature. Aren’t I nice?!

Feel free to ask questions or just share your thoughts in the comments!

Watch the video:

Play along with the backing track:

Read the tab:

Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple) Style Solo

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